New Improvements on the RIBOCONE Reinforces Okawara Leading Position and Commitment to Battery and Electronic Industries


As a way to support our customers, primarily in the electronics and battery industries, with their research and development, feasibility studies, etc., a new RIBOCONE test machine capable of performing indirect heating in a temperature range between 300℃ to 350℃ (572℉ to 662℉) will be made available at our test center from first week of March/2021.

In addition to the existing testing machines capable of working with hot water, steam and heat transfer oil (maximum temperature 300℃ / 572℉), the new RIBOCONE testing equipment offers the possibility of indirect heating up to 350℃ (662℉) so to meet the needs of customers who require heat treatment as well as drying at high temperatures.

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RIBOCONE is a multi-purpose equipment that can be used for mixing, drying, cooling, vacuum drying, filtration & (vacuum) drying, evaporation (vacuum) drying and heat treatment (i.e.: for decreasing of viable cells, for crystallization, for chemical reactions, etc.).

More details can be found at:RIBOCONE