Nowadays, society and corporations are facing various dilemmas and concerns due to challenges brought by rapid changes and global competition.

As an industrial engineering company Okawara intends to collaborate with its customers to solve the issues brought offering advanced technology and equipments in addition to wealthy knowledgement and experience gained through the years.

Over the course of 90 years since our foundation in 1927, we have been working to provide world class equipments for the food & beverage, chemicals, pharma & nutraceutical, environment among other industries.

The achievements and experience cultivated during our history are inherited as unrivaled uniqueness and advanced technical strength and have received high praise from our customers in various fields.
Currently, in line with the globalization process occurring worldwide, we are stepping up from the domestic market to the overseas markets as well.

Our management philosophy of “technology for quality, safety, and the environment” is regarded as a universal value all around the world and as an engineering company, we aim to keep responding to the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of our customers by putting extra effort on further research and development.