Notice of Completion of Renovation and Start of Full-Scale Operation of the Research Building No. 2 for Food Applications


The research and testing building dedicated to the food field, which has been undergoing renovation work for some time, has been completed and is now in full operation.

The layout of the research building No. 2 has been redesigned to have separate rooms for different processes, with air conditioning in place to maintain airtightness and comfort during testing.

In addition, the increased cleanability reduces the risk of cross-contamination to ensure hygienic testing. With the enhanced internet environment, remote testing is also possible, allowing customers to observe the testing process from their offices or while working from home.

We invite you to use our new test facilities for your research and prototyping needs.


Research Building No.2

Exterior View


Meeting Room

Superheated Steam Sterilization Test Equipment (for Powder and Granules)

Ribocone Test equipment(Mixing / Drying)

Evapor Test Equipment(Evaporation / Concentration)