• Drying
  • Mixing
 / Business line
  • Food and Beverage
  • Organic Chemicals
  • Inorganic Chemicals
  • Pharma and Nutraceutical
  • Feed & Fertilizer
RIBOCONE is a multi-purpose equipment that can be used for mixing, drying, cooling, vacuum drying, filtration & (vacuum) drying and heating treatment (for decreasing of viable cells, for crystallization, for chemical reactions).


  • Drive and gearbox are located outside of the vessel in order to prevent risk of product contamination due to lubricants, amongst others
  • Its special design increases the circulation of the product inside the vessel resulting in a fast mixing and fast drying
  • Uniform moisture content and temperature of the product due to total mixing of the product
  • Complete discharge of the final product from the bottom of the cone due to no bearing
  • Sanitary type is available.
  • Vacuum model avaiable

Typical Applications

Electronic and battery materials / Ceramics / Magnetic materials / Herbal medicine / Seasoning / Animal feed / Resin powder/APls

Operating Principle

The products are lifted upwards along the heated side wall,and with the help of the vortex breakers, the products will get sunk downwards again inside the process chamber resulting in a uniform temperature and product humidity across the entire product chamber. Its vertical design, and lack of bearing on the bottom of the vessel ensures a quick full product discharge.
Drive is  located outside of the mixing chamber in order to prevent risk of product contamination due to lubricants, amongst others.
1 Good mixing Mixing of product with tailor made helical ribbon agitator
Fast mixing
Fast drying
Fast reaction
Forced mixing with top vortex breakers
No dead space
2 No risk of product contamination due to lubricants, etc. No gearbox inside the vessel No contamination
3 High filling rate No necessary extra space for gearbox or drive arm inside of the vessel Less installation space required
4 Bottom discharge No bottom bearing results in easy product dischage
No product hold-up
Fast Different of valves available
5 Easy maintenance Simple construction
No complicated mechanism
Few consumables


Structural Image