Remote Test Implementation


We are pleased to inform that we are offering “remote testing” as a way to support our customers with their research and development, feasibility studies, equipment updates and the improvement of manufacturing methods, even during the COVID-19 crisis.

Remote testing is a service that connects the customer to our test center via a video call service (i.e. Teams, Zoom), allowing the customer to watch the test in real time as well as to interact with our staffs if required.

Remote Testing Advantages

・ Customer can check the test status, in real time, from office or home.
・ Through interactive communication with our staffs, the customer can ask questions as well as make change to the test conditions if required.
・ Customer can watch the test from multiple locations.
・ Remote testing can also be combined with on-site testing, enabling customers who are unable to be present to be able to watch the test in real time.
・ On request, a video of the test can be provided with the test report.
・ Save time and costs associated with travelling from your site to ours.



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