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The FV DRYER is a multi-functional conical dryer that can perform filtration, drying, rinsing and mixing on a single unit. Thanks to its simple internal construction without any kind of agitator, it is also suited to dry pharmaceuticals and fine-chemical materials that require sanitation and flexibility from a top performing machine.


  • The filter element is single-layered and available in sintered metal mesh or unwoven sintered metal mesh
  • Uniform moisture content and temperature of the product.
  • Multi-functional
  • No agitator installed
  • Meets validation requirements
  • No need to move the product from process to process
  • CIP and SIP possible
  • Excellent sanitation
  • If necessary, only main body can be installed in a clean room
  • Replacement rinsing and stirring rinsing selectable
  • Vacuum drying possible
  • Large drying performance
  • Uniform mixing and drying

Typical Applications

Pharmaceuticals /Fine chemicals / Photo-sensitive materials / Electronic materials / Dyes and pigments / Foods / Food additives / Functional foods/Solvent recovery