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"SIRV” system is designed to sterilize grain materials only, resulting in a compact, cost-efficient, and low-maintenance system. This system was developed by taking advantage of the features of the high-pressure rotary valve, in which the material is continuously fed and instantaneously sterilized (3 to 10 seconds) like if it was processed by a continuous rotary autoclave. Standard system includes a vibrating dryer/cooler suitable
for grain materials.


  • Minimal System Configuration
    The key component is the in-house designed high-pressure rotary valve. Due to that the system is compact, cost-efficient and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Excellent Sterilization Effect
    Superheated steam with big thermal energy is directly blown into the pockets of the rotary valve to kill E coli, viable cells and thermoduric cells (sterilization time: 3 to 10 seconds depending on feed rate and material properties).
  • Wide working range and easy to use
    Pressure, temperature and heating time can be set as desired, making SIRV suitable for sterilization of a wide variety of grain materials.
  • Easy Cleaning
    The pneumatic pipe can be easily cleaned by flushing water from the material feeder and dried with the inline heater.


Spices/cereals/seeds and other grain materials


Examples of Sterilization Data

Material Before Treatment Conditions After Treatment
Viable cells (q'ty/g) Thermoduric cells (q'ty/g) E coli Moist. (%) Pressure (MPaG) Sterilization Time (sec). Viable cells (q'ty/g) Thermoduric cells (q'ty/g) E coli Moist. (%)
Black pepper (original) 1.6×107 4.8×105 (+) 10.8 0.55 5.5 8.0×102 6.0×102 (-) 11.0
Buckwheat (husk) 2.0×104 1.2×102 (+) 10.1 0.20 4.5 < 300 < 300 (-) 9.7
Sesame (original) 1.2×104 8.0×103 (+) 4.7 0.20 4.5 < 300 < 300 (-) 4.7
※Analysis method: Viable cell: By standard agar-agar plate culture Themoduric cell: By standard agar-agar plate culture (boiled for 10 minutes)
    E coli: By BGLB method Moisture: By infrared moisture analyzer
※ The sterilization results are examples from sterilization tests using our test equipment.



Model Main Body Dimensions / Weight
Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm) Weight (ton)
SIRV-20 3,600 2,100 3,900 3
SIRV-50 4,600 2,600 5,000 4
SIRV-100 5,500 3,100 6,200 5
※ Space for operation and maintenance are not included.
※Pilot plant for tests is available at our technical center.
※ Specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.

Capacities and Utilities

Model Capacity Utilities
Capacity (kg/hr) Max. pressure (MPaG) Sterilization time (sec.) Steam (kg/hr) Power (kW)
SIRV-20 200 0.55 3 to 12 80 30
SIRV-50 500 0.55 3 to 12 200 50
SIRV-100 1,000 0.55 3 to 12 350 65
※Capacities are based on grains with a bulk density of 0.5kg/L and may change depending on material properties.
※Steam consumption depends on the material being processed as well as operation conditions.
※Steam consumption value is for stable operation. In equipment startup and cleaning, approx. 5X of steam may be required.
※Cleaning water is needed (equipment cleaning process).