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Having over 80 years of expertise in the manufacture of drying equipments, we developed the Sludge Dryer for the recycling of sludge from waste water treatment process, active sludge, coagulated sedimentation sludge, human waste, sewage, water purifying plants as well as residual waste components. The Sludge Dryer features a disintegrator in the rotating drum which improves the drying efficiency and produce a quality granular product. We are very honored to have being able to supply more than 2,000 units of the Sludge Dryer so far.


  • High performance in a small unit
  • Energy-saving
  • Wide application
  • Flexible to evaporation rate fluctuation
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Quality product


Active sludge/Night soil sludge/Sewage sludge/Beer factory sludge/Seafood factory sludge/Dairy factory sludge/Meat factory sludge/Iron copper hydroxide/Aluminum hydroxide/Steelworks sludge/Orange squeeze/Pulp waste/Poultry feces/Culture soil/Compost/Water plant sludge