Heating pipe and bag filter built-in fluid bed dryer
Converting waste into soil conditioner


The reduction of volume and utilization of industrial waste from factories are trendy now. To effectively utilize waste, it must have additional value and better quality.


We try to utilize a kind of waste which is generated at a factory in a big amount, as a soil conditioner by dosing active ingredients. To keep the properties of the waste, it must be granulated against destruction and dusting, and dried in uniform moisture content. Only limited installation spaces are available.


  • We will recommend a fluid bed dryer which can dry the waste in uniform moisture content, not destroying the granules.
  • To minimize the unit size and cut the installation spaces half, a fluid bed dryer having steam heating pipes inside is a good solution.
  • A fluid bed dryer with built-in bag filter will improve the product yield.


  1. Using a heating pipe and bag filter built-in fluid bed dryer, we could solve the contradicted targets that the air velocity had to be low not to destroy the granules, yet supplying sufficient drying energy at a time.
  2. The product yield was greatly increased with the incorporated bag filter in the dryer.
  3. The steam consumption was 30% less than conventional systems.