Introduction of thin film evaporator "Evapor"
Double output with a half operating cost!


The powder tea market is growing rapidly in the health food boom. The sellers appeal the efficacy of active ingredients of tea such as Catechin and L-Teanine while the manufacturers try to differentiate themselves from competitors by reducing the costs for extraction, concentration and drying.


Now, we dry tea extract with a spray dryer using high temperature hot air to achieve the output requirement. The quality of dry product is poor by heat. We also suffer from expensive drying cost resulting from high moisture content of wet product, and cannot afford to increase the output any more.


  • The evaporation rate of dryer will be decreased by pre-concentration of tea extract using Evapor.
  • The drying at lower hot air temperature will be possible due to the increase of solid content octuple by concentration at low temperatures in short time.
  • The thermal efficiency for evaporation reaches 95%. A combination of evaporation and drying will greatly increase the total energy efficiency.


  1. Our production rate reached double.
  2. The product deterioration was minimized.
  3. The operating cost was saved by 50%.