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This unit directly converts the liquid into granules. The heavy granules (600 kg/m3 or more) that are difficult to be produced on a conventional top spray system can be produced in this equipment. Installation space and manpower can be saved since it works as a spray granultion dryer and a fluidized bed granulator on a single equipment.


  • The liquid is granulated and dried on a single unit.
  • Heavy granules (600 kg/m3 or more) can be produced.
  • Particle sizes from 100 to 1,000 µm can be produced.
  • Easy particle size control.
  • Granules that are difficult to powder during transportation.
  • Little sticking of products on inside of the chamber.

Typical Applications

Seasonings / Health foods / Soup / Sweeteners / Black tea / Coffee / Cocoa / Organic acids / Enzymes

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