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Case. 6

Introducing the multi-functional system

Producing highly-purified products with the FV dryer at a small factory


A chemical company who was producing resin materials for adhesive tried to produce highly value-added electronic resin materials as a new business. They needed a dryer to dry liquid materials into powders.

The production of the resins required not only a dryer but a reactor, crystallizers, a distillator, a heater and a cooler. The company had none of them and thus needed to buy all of them.

Having seen one of the solution examples in our web site, they called us. They had a filter and a chamber dryer in the existing plant. However, the contamination might result from transportation of product from the filter to the dryer. The FV Dryer could solve such a problem since the filtration, drying, rinsing and mixing were implemented in a single unit to eliminate the need for a filter.


  • We want to reuse the existing warehouse only with some modifications to the interior. The installation spaces are thus limited.
  • We want Okawara to renovate the existing warehouse as well as to select all peripheral equipments.
  • A dryer must be installed in an explosion-proof clean room.
  • Production facilities must be multi-functional to meet the high-mix low-volume production requirement.


We will be responsible for renovation of the warehouse and supply of peripheral equipments. With a rental pilot dryer, they will confirm the product quality.


  • Apart from the existing products, we now have new ones which are value-added and can be sold constantly. The number of new customers has increased.
  • We are confident that the quality of new products can meet our customer's requirements.
  • In addition to the factory which is currently in full service, we are planning to build another factory in near future to increase the output.