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Superheated Steam Continuous Sterilizing System Exclusive for Granules


Sterilizing System Exclusive for Granules

This model is dedicated exclusively to granules by its compact, low-priced and easy-maintenance design, featured by the high-pressure rotary valve. The material is distributed in a small amount to be sterilized as if it were treated with a "continuous rotary autoclave." This model incorporates the vibrating dryer cooler suited to dry and cool the granules.


  • Minimal System Configuration

    The key component is the specially-designed rotary valve only to ensure the compact and economical design and easy maintenance.

  • Excellent Sterilization Effect

    Superheated steam with big thermal energy is directly blown into the pockets of the rotary valve to kill E coli, viable cells and thermoduric cells for three to ten seconds.

  • Flexible and User-friendly Operation

    The changeable pressure, temperature and heating time make the system flexible for linds of granules.

  • Easy Cleaning

    The pneumatic pipe can be cleaned easily by flushing water from the material feeder and dried with the inline heater.

Typical Applications

Image of spice


Image of cereals


Image of medicinesImage of medicines

Other granular materials


Examples of Sterilization Data

MaterialBefore TreatmentConditionsAfter Treatment
Viable cell
Thermoduric cell
E coliMoist
Viable cell
Thermoduric cell
E coliMoist
Black pepper (original)1.6×1074.8×105(+)10.80.555.58.0×1026.0×102(-)11.0
Buckwheat (husk)2.0×1041.2×102(+)< 300< 300(-)9.7
Sesame (original)1.2×1048.0×103(+)< 300< 300(-)4.7

* Analysis method: Viable cell: By standard agar-agar plate culture   Themoduric cell: By standard agar-agar plate culture (boiled for 10 minutes)   E coli: By BGLB method   Moisture: By drying method.


Dimensions and Weights
ModelMain Body Dimensions / Weight
Width (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)Weight (ton)

※ Operation and maintenance spaces are further required.
☆ A pilot plant is available at our facility.
☆ Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Capacities and Utilities
Capacity (kg/hr)Max. pressure (MPaG)Sterilization time (sec.)Steam (kg/hr)Power (kW)
SIRV-202000.553 to 128030
SIRV-505000.553 to 1220050
SIRV-1001,0000.553 to 1235065

※ Capacities is for granule with bulk density of 0.5 kg/L. It depends on the material properties.
※ Steam consumptions depend on thekind of material and operating conditions.
※ Steam consumption is for normal operation. It startup and cleaning, approx. 5 times of steam is required.
※ Cleaning water is needed.

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