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Superheated Steam Continuous Sterilizing System for Powder and Granules


Universal System for Kinds of Powder and Granules

Various kinds of powder, cut materials and granules are sterilized continuously and instantly (four to five seconds), using superheated steam.

KPU High Pressure Rotary Valve
High Pressure Rotary Valve

This rotary valve is a critical component in the system which seals the pressurized sterilizing line from the atmosphere for continupus feed and discharge of the material.

KPU Aseptic Air Filter
Aseptic Air Filter

The primary (pre), secondary (medium preformance) and tertiary (HEPA) filters keep the sterilized product from secondary contamination by foreign matters in drying and cooling processes. The entire system is maintained under positive pressures as a double safety measure.

KPU Vibrating Dryer Cooler
Vibrating Dryer Cooler

The fine powder can be dried and cooled in the standard system. The large cut materials and granules, however, should be dried and cooled with an optional vibrating dryer cooler since they need long drying and cooling time. The material is dried and cooled at a time floating on the vibrating perforated plate by filtered hot and cold air.



  • Excellent Sterilizing Effect

    Superheated steam with big thermal energy kills E coli, viable cells and thermoduric cells instantly.

  • Minimal Product Deterioration

    Short heating time, anaerobic atmosphere and constant temperature in the pneumatic pipes minimizes the product deterioration such as loss of active ingredients or oxidation.

  • Flexible User-friendly System

    The changeable pressure and temperature make the system flexible for kinds of powder and granules.

  • Easy Cleaning

    The pipe interior can be cleaned by flushing water from the material inlet, and dried with the inline heater.

  • Energy-saving

    The recycling of superheated steam saves energy to increase the thermal efficiency.

Typical Applications

Image of spice


Image of herbal


Image of medicines


Image of health foods

Health foods

Image of cereals


Image of fish powders

Fish powders

Image of dry vegetables

Dry vegetables

Image of tea leaves

Tea leaves, etc.


Examples of Sterilization Data

MaterialBefore TreatmentConditionsAfter Treatment
Viable cell
Thermoduric cell
E coliMoist
Steam pressure
Heating time
Viable cell
Thermoduric cell
E coliMoist
Black pepper (powder)1.6×1074.8×105(+)9.00.264< 300< 300(-)4.6
Red pepper (coarse ground)1.5×1061.0×103(+)10.10.244< 300< 300(-)9.7
Turmeric (powder)3.2×1074.0×105(+)11.10.244< 300< 300(-)8.1
Buck wheat (powder)5.1×1052.0×102(+)11.90.154< 300< 300(-)9.2
Dry bonito (coarse ground)3.2×1056.9×103(+)10.60.284< 300< 300(-)9.5
Cilium husk1.2×1045.6×102(+)11.70.154< 300< 300(-)9.5
Gum Arabic (coarse ground)3.3×1032.0×103(+)10.40.154< 300< 300(-)5.5
Powder tea2.7×106< 300(+)3.40.204< 300< 300(-)3.5
Green tea8.8×102< 300(+)3.10.204< 300< 300(-)4.5

* Analysis method: Viable cell: By standard agar-agar plate culture   Themoduric cell: By standard agar-agar plate culture (boiled for 10 minutes)   E coli: By BGLB method   Moisture: By drying method.


Dimensions and Weights
ModelInstallation SpacesMain Body Dimensions / Weight
Floor area (m2)Ceiling height (m)Width (mm)Length (mm)Weight (ton)

※ Above figures are subject to change in detailed design.   ※ Installation spaces include operation and maintenance ones.

Capacities and Utilities
Capacity (kg/hr)Max. pressure (MPaG)Sterilization time (sec.)Steam (kg/hr)Cooling water (L/min)Power (kW)

※ Capacities are for powders with bulk density of 0.5 kg/L.   They depend on the material properties.

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