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Sterilizing System for Liquid Materials


With its jacketed pipes and static mixers a perfect sterilizing is guaranteed.

Heating and sterilization of viscous liquid materials

The KID's Cooker effectively cooks or sterilizes viscous liquid materials, heat sensitive, with quality and without deterioration of the product. The jacketed double pipe heat exchangers with the internal static mixers are connected with each other by ferrule clamps. Such a simple construction and the unique control system offer a user-friendly equipment for viscous materials.


  • Less thermal deterioration
  • Viscous liquid materials run in a turbulent plug flow. The short time and uniform heating and cooling minimize inhomogeneous thermally-deteriorated products.

  • Compact design
  • High heating efficiency offers a compact system design by reducing the heating area.

  • No scorching
  • The unique internal pressure control system prevents the evaporation and boiling of materials to keep them from sticking by scorching.

  • Less product loss
  • The system secures a first-in first-out of materials to minimize the product loss when changing materials.

  • Wide application
  • Low to highly viscous materials (up to 150,000 cP) which contain solids, or may change in properties by heating are applicable to the system.

  • Easy cleaning
  • The system can be cleaned without disassembling for most of materials. Due to its simple construction, the system can be quickly disassembled when needed.

  • HACCP-compatible design
  • The system is HACCP-compatible by measuring, monitoring, and logging the flow rate and heating temperatures.

Typical Applications

  • Onion paste (die-cut)
  • Soup (with carrot)
  • Corn paste
  • Fish extract
  • Soybean paste sauce
  • Chicken barbecue sauce
  • Custard cream

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