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Continuous Fluid Bed Dryer



This model has a rectangular process chamber, where the material is continuously supplied from the inlet port of the chamber and dried while it moves horizontally to the outlet port where the dry product is then discharged. The operating conditions, such as material moving speed or floating conditions can be adjusted with the dam gates installed in the chamber. The bed area is available from 0.5m2 to 18m2. The dry product can be cooled in the cooling section of the chamber after drying.

The lump product which is often produced on the horizontal fluid bed dryer is rather smoothly discharged by its unique directional slit plate.


The material sizes applied to this dryer are typically 0.05mm to 0.4mm for fine powders, 4mm to 8mm for coarse ones, and 0.2mm to 2mm for optimum ones. The powdery, granular or flaky food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, industrial materials, fertilizers and feed products can be processed in this equipment. A batch type is also available.

Structural Image

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