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Heat Pump Type High Speed Cyclic-flow Vacuum Evaporator


Evaporates liquid materials and waste water with a special designed steam recovery compressor

This is a low cost, energy saving evaporator. With its newly-developed steam compressor type heat pump systemized with a high speed cyclic-flow vacuum this evaporator consists of a small number of components with higher energy consumption efficiency than multi-effect evaporators. The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, a big environmental issue nowadays, is also a big feature of this equipment.


  • 1/7 the energy consumption of single-effect evaporators
  • The recycling of the vapor from concentrate as the heat source minimizes the peripheral equipment power consumption. High energy consumption efficiency greatly reduces the operating cost. The carbon dioxide emissions are 1/5 the amount of conventional systems.

  • Small installation requirement and less investment cost
  • The steam compressor with a high compression ratio and the temperature difference of 15 to 20°C between heating temperatures and evaporation temperatures minimize a unit size. Even small to mid-sized units can save energy consumption, which is difficult with multi-effect evaporators.

  • Prevention of foaming and mist dispersion, and excellent separation of liquid and vapor.
  • Foaming material concentrate circulates at high speeds by centrifugal force to minimize the foaming and mist dispersion. Condensed waste water (separated liquid) is clear and transparent.

Typical Applications

  • Effluent from food factories
  • Seeping effluent from final treatment plants
  • Waste water from waste pits
  • Dehydrated separation liquid from methane fermentation process
  • Concentration of factory effluent

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