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Continuous Agitating Granulator


Instantaneous and mass production of granules in a small unit

This equipment consists of a powder feed port, liquid feed nozzle, high-speed rotating disc with granulation blades and granulation sleeve (swing casing). Powdery materials and liquid solution (water or binder) are constantly supplied and pressurized by centrifugal force into the high-speed rotating disc with granulation blades. Then the friction granulation sleeve turns the powder instantly into granules.


  • Large-scale production with a small unit
  • The instantaneous coagulation and granulation of materials enables a large-scale production with a small unit. For instance, a unit having a disc diameter of 600mm granulates powders at 3,000 kg/hr.

  • Granulation with a small amount of liquid
  • This system uses less amount of liquid for granulation than fluidized bed granulators greatly saving the drying cost.

  • Soft granules
  • Powdery materials are mixed with liquid instantly, not kneaded or pressurized. Granulated products are soft to easily dissolve into water.

  • Easy cleaning due to simple construction
  • The detachable disc facilitates the cleaning in every corner of the system.

  • Type U for sticky materials
  • Type U with the top rotating disc drive permits the vertical dropping of granulated products. Even sticky materials are smoothly discharged.

Typical Applications

  • Synthetic milk for piglets
  • Substitute milk for calves
  • Corn soup
  • Animal drug
  • Fertilizer

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