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High Speed Cyclo-flow Vacuum Evaporator


Evaporates liquid materials and waste water without foaming

This evaporator consists of a vertical evaporation column, a shell and a tube type heating column. The centrifugal force produced by the high speed circulation minimizes the foaming of materials. Since the unit has no moving parts, the chances for troubles or breakdown are very limited.

Liquid materials are evaporated in the heating column and a mixture of vapor gas and concentrate goes into the evaporation column at high speed. The vapor gas and concentrate circulate in the evaporation column at a speed equivalent to more than 1000 rpm separating the liquid raw material into gas and concentrate and condensate liquid.

This evaporator is applied to foaming or crystalline materials, such as herbal extracts, natural extracts, or pharmaceuticals. It can also be used to reduction of effluent volume to keep the environment clean.


  • Foaming materials are applied since the foaming is minimized by centrifugal force.
  • Crystals are discharged from the recycling line.
  • Simple construction facilitates the cleaning of the system.
  • A heat pump type or a multi-effect type evaporator increases the thermal efficiency to save energy consumption.
  • No moving parts in the main body minimize the fear for breakdown by abrasion or vibration.
  • An explosion-proof system permits the concentration of hazardous organic solvents.

Typical Applications

  • Chinese herbal extracts, other herbal extracts
  • Seasonings, amino acids, yeasts
  • Natural extracts (meat, fish, plant, mushroom)
  • Protein aqueous solution, fermented solution
  • Effluent
  • Recovery of organic solvents

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