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Spinning Cone Centrifugal-flow Thin-film Vacuum Evaporator


Low-temperature and short-time concentration for heat-sensitive products. Quality improvement for antibiotics, bioactive substances, functional foods and natural extracts.

The EVAPOR was originally developed by Dipl.-Ing. Vaclav Feres in Germany and its technology was then transferred to us with the intellectual properties and selling rights for all countries in the world. Its unique features have greatly broadened the application ranges to food, chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical and other fields, which are difficult with other types of evaporators.

  • The feed flows ideally in a form of thin liquid of just 0.1mm thick on the conical rotor which is horizontally cantilevered from the back of the housing and rotates at high speeds.
  • The process chamber is maintained under vacuum to ensure evaporation at low boiling temperatures.
  • The rotor is jacketed for heating by steam. The interior of the rotor can be vacuumed to permit the use of depressurized steam.
  • The steam condensate is taken away from the jacket through the tube to keep the jacket surfaces always dry. (Drop wise condensation)
  • The housing can be slide open to verify the cleaning result and to additionally clean it by hand.



  • Low-temperature evaporation and extremely short residence time optimum for heat-sensitive quality products
  • Large overall heat transfer coefficient
  • Foaming is minimized by centrifugal force
  • High concentration ratio
  • Small hold-up in the system
  • Evaporation surface can be monitored during operation.
  • Cleaning is easy and verified (CIP) to treat various kinds of product
  • Compact design to facilitate installation
  • Ready for operation to save
  • installation cost

Typical Applications

  • Coconut sap
  • Enzyme and antibiotics
  • Protein solution and fermentation broth
  • Chinese herbal extract
  • Seasoning (amino acid, yeast, etc.)
  • Extract (meat, fish, mushroom, etc.)
  • Oil and fat
  • Vitamins
  • Synthetic resin

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