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Continuous Band Type Through-flow Dryer



In the through-flow drying, the hot air is forcibly supplied into the cavities of the product bed from top or bottom. Unlike the parallel-flow drying, where the hot air contacts the product in a parallel way, the product surfaces receive the heat from hot air on larger contacting areas to greatly increase the heat transfer efficiency. The water content can thus move from the inside to the outside of the product shortly to remarkably increase the drying efficiency. The through-flow drying is best-suited to solid products which cannot or should not be moved. Even muddy or pasty products can be dried if they are preformed prior input. The Custom Dryer has all those advantages of through-flow drying to perform a stably, efficiently and economically, drying process with a conveyor belt type dryer.


  • Optimal Operating Conditions

    The temperature, humidity and volume of hot air can be changed for each drying stage.

  • Easy Product Moisture Content Control

    The hold-up and residence time of the product can be set optionally to reach a required moisture content of the product.

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